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Star Trek Alternative Universe Projects 1

The USS Enterprise has inspired so many artists to do their own version of it. As a Star Trek fan who has been so influenced by it in my own work, I offer this tribute to the vision of Matt Jefferies, Andrew Probert, and Ryan Church. None of my designs are meant to be part of the canon Star Trek universe. They are merely expressions of how I would like Federation ship designs to look.

Commonwealth Class Explorer – 2019 Project

Over the years, I have made many versions of the Commonwealth Class Explorer. I consider it my primary Star Trek inspired design. Some of the versions of the Commonwealth have been set in alternate Star Trek universes while others have been set in Star Trek analog universes. This final version of the Commonwealth Class Explorer is the successor to the Constitution Class Explorer presented below. Like the Constitution Class, it is the largest example of long-range, long-duration exploration vessel in its era. It has approximately the same capabilities as the Galaxy Class Explorer of Star Trek canon. As with the Galaxy Class, there are only a handful of Commonwealth Class vessels and they serve as flagships of Star Fleet. A significant number of the personnel accommodated aboard Commonwealth Class starships are spouses and children of the crew making the ships traveling scientific research colonies.

Constitution Class Explorer – 2018 Project

The Constitution Class Explorer is my latest, and hopefully final version of an USS Enterprise design. It has been an interesting challenge taking details from the various incarnations of the USS Enterprise and integrating them into a design aesthetic that reflects my personal tastes. It is a low-key, somewhat retro, and almost abstract design whose main influence is the USS Enterprise from the original TV series. I am proud to say that I modeled the entire hull myself and used just a few detailing parts from other artists.  As of the middle of 2020, the set of colorized deck schematics is about 50% finished.

I envision the Constitution Class Explorer as the largest example of long-range, long-duration exploration vessels that form the core of Star Fleet. In the era of the Constitution class, they are the flagships of the fleet. In this alternate Star Fleet, ship types do not use the naval inspired categories that most fan artists employ. The bulk of the fleet is composed of various classes of small Surveyors performing scouting missions supplemented by a modest number of Patrollers serving on military missions.

Klokal E’Kang Class Deep Space Cruiser – 2018 Project

The Klokal E’Kang Class Deep Space Cruiser is the Klingon counterpart to my Constitution Class Explorer. Its design departs more from the classic version of the D7 Class Battle Cruiser than my Constitution Class does from the classic USS Enterprise. The Klokal E’Kang Class has a much large hangar space than its Federation Starfleet equivalent. It is the flagship class of the Klingon Defense Force serving a Klingon Empire that is more unified and less warlike than that of classic Star Trek. This alternate universe Klingon Empire usually sees the Federation as its competitor but will work with the Federation when both governments have common goals.

Venerable Class Long Range Explorer – 2014 Project

The Venerable Class Long Range Explorer is my response to the Star Trek deck plans of the original USS Enterprise by Franz Joseph, the USS Enterprise-A deck plans by Shane Johnson and David Schmidt, and the USS Enterprise-D deck plans by Rick Sternbach. I hope my deck plans evoke for the viewer the same sense of wonder that I experienced looking at those by these other artists. As my personal, and no doubt eccentric, vision of what a Star Trek Federation starship could be, the viewer will discover many features that differ from that of the canon Star Trek universe. For example, my alternative design is part of less militarized exploration fleet than Starfleet. Another major difference is my use of a modified warp-jump technology in place of the canon warp cruising drive. Finally, I do not have transporter technology as part of this particular alternative version of the Star Trek universe.


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