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Starships Steadfast, Gundalpia and Karokh Projects

Star Battleship Steadfast

This design depicts a battleship reminiscent of the Galactic Gargantuans projects. The design is inspired by the Imperial Star Destroyer by Colin Cantwell from the original Star Wars film in 1977.

Starship Gundalpia

This design depicts a large exploration cruiser of a largely-peaceful humanoid sentient species. The vessel has capabilities roughly equal to the Human starships of the Star Vessels project. The design is inspired by the Atlantic Class Cruiser by Paul Jacquays from Traveller Role Playing Game Supplement 9 Fighting Ships (c) 1981.

Starship Karokh

Starship Karokh is in many ways the precursor of Starship Gundalpia. It was one of the few starship decks plans I  in my early adult years.  Drawn by hand using pencils on vellum, this set of plans was created in early 1991.  This large scoutship design was set in a now long discarded fictional universe.  It uses what I have defined as Tech Level 6 star-faring technology.  The most obvious influence on the layout of the deck plans is the work of Star Trek artist Franz Joseph who created the first deck set of deck plans for the USS Enterprise published in the mid 1970’s.  The design is inspired by the Atlantic Class Cruiser by Paul Jacquays from Traveller Role Playing Game  Supplement 9 Fighting Ships (c) 1981.

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