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Realistic Spaceship Design Projects 2

Starships Observant and Audacious

These designs depicts a medium-sized interstellar survey vessel and a somewhat larger exploration cruiser with basic faster-than-light travel technology. They are a rather retro-vision of early human starships meant to conjure up images of the science fiction films 2001:A Space Odyssey and Forbidden Planet. The United Earth Space Exploration Corps fictional background for these two ships could be a prelude to either the Deep Space Exploration Group or United Galactic Federation fictional backgrounds.

Starships Revelation and Revelation II

starship-revelation-1-wip starship-revelation-ii-wip

These two starship designs are a follow-up to the Explorers of the Celestial Expanse project I did in 2012. They are re-conceptualization of the basic concept of that earlier project, but with designs that attempt to be a bit more realistic.

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