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Explorer of Eternity Project



The Explorer of Eternity of a large starship almost 2800 meters in diameter.  It is the final version of a design that was once called The Depths of Dream.  That name is now used by a different large starship design of mine. The Explorer of Eternity has a crew from a number of different sentient species including Humans. It exists in an era in the far future.


Interstellar Mothership “Explorer of Eternity” is one of the flagships of the Galactic Ekumen, a loose organization of star-faring sentient species exploring the Milky Way galaxy. As one of largest starships serving in the Galactic Ekumen, the “Explorer of Eternity” includes large habitat spaces for each of its nine member species. The huge vessel is accompanied by over 30 large scoutships and almost 200 smaller exploratory craft.

The advanced propulsion system of the titanic mothership enables it to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in just a few years.  The “Explorer of Eternity” normally serves on 10 year long missions, making stops at the home systems of each of the Galactic Ekumen members along the way.

While each member species has its own habitat module that can separate from the rest of the vessel in emergency situations, all the them share a larger common space that forms the core of the giant starship. Smaller Galactic Ekumen motherships follow the same plan but support  fewer numbers of habitat modules.

In addition to the segregated living quarters located in each habitat module, there others located in the main dome, the radial struts, and the outer agriculture / cargo torus.  These other quarters are for those who prefer to live in a more mixed setting of sentient species.


Alien Mothership from the science fiction film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Hospital Station from James White’s “Sector General” series of science fiction novels.

Giant spaceship design by Syd Mead

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