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Independent Explorer “Wanderer in Wonder”

About the Project

The Independent Explorer “Wanderer in Wonder” is a large scoutship design started in 2017 and still in progress as of January 2019. Very detailed color deck plans are about 50% finished as of the initial publishing of this webpage. I hope to finish the deck plans by late 2019 or early 2020.

Project Background

The Independent Explorer “Wanderer in Wonder” is the dream of four star-faring couples: Human, Humanoid Android, Dragora, and Ilithian. They had all worked on tiny scoutships on various interstellar exploration missions. They had become great friends and decided they would like to work together long-term. They pooled their resources and commissioned the construction of a custom scoutship which they designed themselves.

The Independent Explorer “Wanderer in Wonder” is larger than the scouts they had all worked on before, allowing it to carry are wide variety of sensors, two small but well-equipped labs and two shuttles. Its owners sell their services as its crew and rent the vessel to various scientists and explorers. Given the relative luxury of their vessel, they are easily able to attract customers with whom they have a variety of exploratory adventures. Exploratory institutions also seek out their services to keep their own starship operation costs down.

As a privately-owned ship, the “Wanderer in Wonder” is not held to the same legal requirements that institutional vessels are, allowing it greater flexibility in mission profiles. In addition to the eight co-owners, the ship also carries two Human and two Dragora crew-persons hired out on a per-mission basis. The “Wanderer in Wonder” is also home to the owner’s small pets including two cats and a Tlargo (Dragora pet).

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