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Assorted Large Exploration Vessel Projects

Starship Commonwealth Exploration Cruiser

These are the original versions of the Commonwealth Class Exploration Cruiser which was later imported into an alternate Star Trek universe. They are alternate Human flagship designs for the Federated Star Systems setting which is very much like Star Trek.

Large Exploration Vehicle Imagination

Large Exploration Vehicle Imagination is meant to be a simple, almost abstract design. I see its style as about halfway between that of the C-57D cruiser of the classic science fiction film Forbidden Planet and the Federation ships of Star Trek. The design is an elaboration on the Hospital Ship Napahn of the Galactic Gargantuans project. A major focus of the Large Exploration Vehicle Imagination project is an attempt to depict the ship as it would really appear in deep space with the illumination coming from only the ship’s viewports, running lights, engineering glows, and spot lights aimed towards the its registration markings.

The fictional background for Large Exploration Vehicle Imagination is the Human flagship of a multi-sentient species organization named the United Galactic Federation based on the various romantic interstellar federations I enjoyed reading about in mid-20th century science fiction. The time period for the vessel itself could be anywhere from 500 – 1000 years in the future. The Imagination would be one of the handful of large human exploratory cruisers serving in the United Galactic Federation’s exploration fleet. While the ship could have a multi-sentient species crew, I have focused on the humans for the crew uniforms shown in this gallery. The smallcraft designs used for this project are a combination of models I used in the Star Vessels project with new ones found in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Colossus Class Star Cruiser

Starship Colossus is a human starship design set over a thousand years in the future. The vessel is one of six Colossus Class Star Cruisers which serve as human flagships in the exploratory fleet of the Federation of Galactic Sentients.  The star-faring technology of Starship Colossus is at a point in the Tech Level 7 range above most of my other humans starship designs. The primary design influences for Starship Colossus are the arks from the disaster movie 2012 and Battlestar Galactica from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series in the late 1970’s. The Federation of Galactic Sentients setting is based on the various romantic, multi-sentient species interstellar federations I enjoyed reading about in mid-20th century science fiction. The time period for this setting is over 1000 years in the future.

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