Science Fiction Art by David C. Mueller / dcmstarships

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Explorers of the Celestial Expanse Projects

Explorers of the Celestial Expanse exist in a fictional future era starting about 1000 years from the present. This project is an attempt to depict starships built by a post-Western, post-nationalistic Human culture that spent several centuries exploring the solar system before developing the technology to venture into interstellar space.  The designs are as simple as I can make them while maintaining enough detail for modern viewers to guess at their functional purpose.  Like the Affirmation Station project, Explorers of the Celestial Expanse is another expression of my Baha’i identity. The primary design influences for this project are the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago, USA), and a conceptual starship design by Syd Mead.

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