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Commonwealth of Sol Projects

Size Comparison Charts

Exploration Vessel Albatross

Exploration Vessel Apotheosis

Exploration Vessel Auspicious

This project is a tribute to the kind of spaceships I was designing as a younger teenager before the movies Star Wars and Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out. During those halcyon days of my youth, there was no set canon among Star Trek fans of what Star Trek ships were supposed to look like. I found myself gravitating towards hull configurations that mixed elements of Spaceship Discovery from the 1960’s science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey with those of the Starship Enterprise from 1960’s TV show Star Trek: The Original Series. Of the designs presented here, Starship Apotheosis most resembles the Star Trek designs I was doing during my teenage years. All three ships attempt to convey the sense of innocent wonder I often felt during that era of my artistic life. These are the kind of designs I would have created back then if I had the 3D CGI tools and skills that I now possess. I hope that young teenager would be pleased.

The Commonwealth of Sol starships are taunt, simple designs with clean styling and minimal detailing. They use an alternate star-faring technology to canonical Star Trek and serve in a small exploration fleet
rather than the large, pseudo-military fleet of Star Trek. In the Commonwealth of Sol setting, the main alien race Humans encounter and have to learn to work with are a lizard-like sentient species called the

The Commonwealth of Sol setting is very much like Star Trek. It is the place where I have placed my Star Trek-inspired designs that are not close enough to the Star Trek canon for me to be comfortable including them in an alternate Star Trek universe.

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