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Affirmation Station Project



Affirmation Station exists in a fictional future era many centuries hence. The initial design started out as a large starship design.  The hand done cutaway illustration for this vessel won the ribbon for “Best Techical Science Fiction Art by an Amatuer” at the Mincon 28 Art Show.  As I began to use Corel Draw for 2D illustration, the Affirmation became of my first designs to get converted to computer-generated art. It reappeared later as a TrueSpace 3D CGI model and now exists as a Rhino 3D CGI model. Affirmation Station is my most literal Baha’i-inspired speculative science fiction design, based on Baha’i Houses of Worship.  It is also the most obvious symbol of my Baha’i identity as a speculative spaceship designer.

Primary Design Influence

1. The Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago, USA

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